Five Tips for Choosing a Storage Shed Plan

Posted by admin on May 1, 2009

If you’re ready to discover the easiest way to build the perfect structure to store your stuff, there are some important things you need to know before you begin. Just follow these five tips for choosing the best storage shed plan.

Tip #1 – An important factor when you choose a storage shed plan is making sure that you understand your current and future storage needs. The reason why this is important is because you are investing time and money in building a permanent structure that should be large enough to house the stuff you want to store now and the other things you will accumulate over the years. If you don’t understand your needs first, then you run the risk of choosing storage shed plan that is too small and will quickly fill up and become a hassle to locate items.

Tip #2 – Another important consideration for choosing the right storage shed plan is selecting one with enough detail. What good is a drawing if you can’t make sense of how you’re supposed to build it? It’s critical that you choose plans with blueprints and not simply drawings. If you also make sure that the plan includes a material and tool list, then you’ll be fine. Pay attention if you have to rent or buy expensive specialty tools.

Tip #3 – Consider the cost. You need to decide on your budget to build the shed before you decide on a specific storage shed plan. What can you afford? Once you know that, evaluate the shed plans by calculating the cost of lumber and other materials, including tool rentals, and then make your decision. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on storage shed plans in order to choose and build the perfect shed for your needs. All you need to do is have a clear idea of what you want to build, a reasonable budget in mind, and a sharp pencil.

Tip #4 – Decide on what type of foundation you will build. A small shed might need a gravel bed with a skid type foundation while a large structure might require a poured concrete foundation.  Remember to check your local building code before committing to a plan. You may be required to build drainage, depending upon the size of your shed. Keep this in mind when picking out your storage shed plans.

Tip #5 – Instead of getting in over your head, look carefully at the skill level required when you are choosing storage shed plans. How much work is involved? Do you need special skills? Will you be able to complete the shed on your own or will you need help? The last thing you want is a half-completed storage shed next to your house. Try it this way: choose shed plans that have step by step guides, detailed blueprints, and free sample downloads so you can evaluate the quality of their product. In fact, if you “test drive” the storage shed plan first, then you will discover if the plan is right for you.

Hey, you want your garden tools to have a home they can live in for a long time don’t you? Follow these tips to save you time, money, and frustration when choosing the perfect storage shed plans for you.

What I want you to do now is visit My Shed Plans where you’ll discover the easiest way to build beautiful sheds … With 12,000 Shed Plans and Woodworking Patterns.

Click Storage Shed Plans to visit My Shed Plans and start building your beautiful shed today.

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The Two Ronnies – How To Build A Garden Shed (1973)

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

The Two Ronnies
How To Build A Garden Shed.
Broadcast: October 25, 1973.

Duration : 0:4:0

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How do I remove an old metal garden shed that seems to be built on concrete?

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

We just bought a house with a small garden – unfortunately a great deal of space is taken up by an old and not very pretty metal garden shed which seems to be built on a concrete foundation. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can dismantle it and what we do with the shed after that. Thanks :)

3 choices for the shed

take it apart
throw it in a truck as in and haul to the landfill
call a ssrap metal person in the yellow pages and tell them
they can have it for free if they haul it off.

for the concrete:
clean it and turn it into a small patio with chairs and a keg
Box it in – fill in the box with dirt and plant flowers in it
break it up and haul it off. (not worth it really)
Put a water fountain on the concrete area with cement benches.

i'm looking for free do it yourself storage shed plans for all sizes and with a list of materials needed to to?

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

i'm trying to save money and build my own storage with todays ecomany i have to build as cheap as possible thats why i'm doing it my self thats why i need to know where i can download free plans to build my shed

I use this site for ideas and the guy has a lot of great tips and knowledge.

How to build a cheap studio/shed?

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

My husband does music and we want to build a shed type building (8×10 or larger) so he can use it as a studio.
Making it into a studio isn't the problem, he knows what he needs for that part of the project, but we aren't sure how to build the building itself.
We are putting it in the backyard and just want a cheap and basic design.
If anyone knows how to build one or knows of a site that has plans and all that, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Go to your local lumber store and ask for those free booklets they give away on various building projects for the backyard — or perhaps there"s someone in your town who is selling some kind of out-building–used or new–some will deliver. What about buying a metal garden type building that you erect with screws ?Put in a floor and there you go. These come in several sizes and designs to fit your need.

how much would it cost to build a soundproofed shed?

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

i play the drums in a band and they seem to get on everybodys nerves, so i need a new place to play. i just need to know how much it would cost to build a shed that would hold 4 teenagers, a drum kit, amps, mics, recording equipment, and be soundproofed.

There are a few things you could consider to accomplish what you are looking for.

You could have a contractor or handyman build you the shed and I think it would run you about $15.00 per square foot for materials, not including windows, insulation or drywall. You would also need some type of ventilation system because the inside of shed can really get hot. This can be accomplished by using ridge vent on the roof and some small vents in the overhang if possible. You can even use a good roof ventilator that is powered by the wind or you even get a solar power one. To find out more about venting just click on the following link.

To get someone to construct this for you, the cost would depend on the size. Typically, for someone that builds these a lot I would think a crew of 2 men could build an average size shed in 1 day or possibly 2 days. So you would be looking at about $400.00 to $800.00 labor at $25.00 per hour each, depending on the size.

You can check with Home Depot or Lowe's for a complete shed kit which includes a wood floor to save some money.
Click on the following link to find out more.

You will need to run electricity back to it so you could but and window air conditioner, but for as little as $300.00 you can get and stand alone unit that will give you both heat and air conditioning and all you would have to do is vent it outside.
The following link will provide you with more about these and other units.

You will also need to have an electrician get you hooked up with electric. Usually this means running and underground wire from the electric panel in your house with a possible small sub panel in the shed and then you would need to have it wire for lighting, switches and outlets to code. One of the reasons I would recommend a sub panel in the shed is because if you ever trip a breaker, you won't have to go back inside the house to turn the juice back on again.

For a price on doing the electric work, you would need to get estimates from a few electricians.

Now as for the soundproofing. Most people will put insulation in the walls and ceiling and then install drywall and hope that the area will be soundproofed. To really be able to soundproof the room so that you won't disturb anyone, think about installing QuietRock wall board instead of standard drywall.

Click on the following link to and article on QuiteRock and them click on the link at the bottom of the article to go to their website and you will be able to click on some audio files to hear for yourself what a difference this product makes.

I hope this helps. Rick

How much does it cost to build a simple shed from scratch (no kits)?

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

I want to build an 8×10 wood frame shed with a door and one small window with a concrete foundation. I am somewhat handy and I plan on mixing/pouring the concrete myself and building the shed from blueprints. NOT FROM A LOW QUALITY OVERPRICED KIT like they commonly display in the parking lot of my Home Depot. Has anyone tried this? I realize costs will vary greatly but I'm just looking for a ballpark. thx.

800-1000 bucks if it's done right

i was told i don't need plans for block shed/workshop in my garden?

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

is this true?

Whenever a planning question is asked we get the usual twaddle in the guise of advice. If you were to listen to some of these people you could potentially get into serious trouble.

There are many factors which dictate whether planning permission is required to put an outbuilding in your garden. In most cases you can go ahead on the basis of permitted development rights providing you adhere to restrictions on size, height, siting and proposed use. There are too many variables to list here but you can either ask at your planning office or if you get stuck you can contact me via this site or on the website shown below and I will send you a copy of a questionaire which should help (not available until after Bank Holiday).

Build a shed in 10 minutes

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

My guys wanted to see how fast they could build a shed. We also wanted a video for advertizing use so we set up 2 stationary cameras and 1 handheld to document the feat. The actual building time was 33 minutes. We combined the footage from the three cameras and sped it up to play in 10 minutes. There are no deleted scenes or skipped parts. we show every step of framing a shed. This was done buy only 2 guys with a very little help from a 3rd guy for 2-3 minutes. The guys actually said they could have done better if the nailers hadn’t kept acting up. LOL Anyway, I hope you enjoy and come see us some time.

Duration : 0:10:23

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Firewood Shed Plans

Posted by admin on Apr 30, 2009

When you consider the wide range of uses for Storage Shed Plans, one of the top ones is to build a new firewood shed. I used to stack firewood alongside my house, under the eaves. While this worked okay, the wood was subject to weather conditions and generally looked a bit messy once I started splitting and chopping wood. I solved this with a storage shed built specifically for firewood. To start, I bought a set of high-quality plans on the Internet. When you first go looking, you will find a WIDE variety of plans available, often with free samples. In most cases, downloading a free blueprint will give you a decent idea of the quality of the plans available before you make the purchase.

Do your research and choose one with a comprehensive materials list and step by step instructions. Read the reviews and see what people are saying about the plans you are looking at. It’s YOUR money so you owe it to yourself to get a quality set of Firewood Shed Plans.

In my case, I chose a 10′ X 8′ simple structure with barn doors. I don’t burn a lot of wood so this was the best size for me. I reviewed the materials list carefully, and started by building a concrete foundation. I prefer this as a few of the sheds on my property are sinking into the soil because they were poorly built. (Not by me!)

With that, the rest of the build went easily and I was done in a few short days. My firewood is now dry and neatly tucked away, along with my axe.

It’s easy – you should give it a try. What I want you to do now is visit My Shed Plans where you’ll discover the easiest way to build beautiful Firewood Sheds … With 12,000 Shed Plans and Woodworking Patterns. Click Firewood Shed Plans and start building your beautiful shed today.

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